Enfutown Bumpers (Pre-order)

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Enfutown Bumpers (Pre-order)


Pre-order your copy of the recently successful Kickstarter Game Enfutown Bumpers! The campaign just ended on October 22nd with 143% funding! If you missed the Kickstarter then you can still pre-order the game here!

Ships January 2018

Get your happy lunch to fight with your flat cat! This game is silly but has a lot of strategy as your Champions battle for victory!

Enfutown Bumpers is a strategy card game. It has deep strategy to enjoy by board game enthusiasts and easy enough for kids to play.

For 2 players, ages 10 and up. 5-15 minutes playtime per round.

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This game was born out of a passion for card games. Designers Trent and Kenneth both have a love for heavy strategy games and often play Stratego, Chess, Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone, Vanguard and many others.

Our main design philosophies are that a game must have

  • Memorable moments
  • Replayability
  • Phoenix potential (There's a chance to come back)
  • Players laughing

After a lot of design ideas we really liked the concepts that came through in this game. We tested and refined the mechanics, pacing, and balance of the game over several months. 

When we felt happy with the results we put the game in front of play testers, reviewers, and early access buyers for weeks and used all the feedback to ensure that the instructions where clear and the game was fun.

The reviews we've gotten from everyone have been absolutely positive and we're so excited to bring this to life soon!

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